Ensō Equity

The ensō symbolizes strength, elegance, the universe, single-mindedness and the acceptance of imperfection as perfect.


It also represents the oneness of life and all things contained within it, the spirit of harmonious cooperation, personal development and refinement of character. 


Investment philosophy

As a principal investor, Ensō Equity aspires to embody these values in our dealings with our partners and to promote them in our investments. We believe that with these core principles as a guiding light, we are able to better navigate constant change and embrace innovation.


Ensō Equity invests in both early-stage and later-stage businesses. These businesses should benefit from "rising tides" in global trends and businesses that fundamentally enhance the world around us and do good.


Ensō Equity is not a passive investor and attempts to actively add value in order to grow its companies. The ability to add strategic value and guide companies to reach their potential is borne out of our experience and extensive operational track record across many sectors and investments.

Please do reach out if your business can benefit from this investment philosophy



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Enso Property Investments



Ground Floor, Coronation House, The Oval. 

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